The Nigerian President Needs Our Help

There has been a lot of talks about “change” since the 2015 campaign started and it kept resonating after the election. President Muhammadu Buhari won and lots of people are happy.

I believe Nigeria will not have a real change and it’s citizens will not enjoy it until some people are taught a lesson. A society where there is no rule of law is doomed. Then what do you say about a society where the judges that are supposed to uphold the law are the ones that are not only breaking it but are abating the actions of the criminals? It is only in Nigeria that a verdict is written that states the criminal should not be “harassed”. It is only in Nigeria that the judges postpone cases indefinitely till the corrupt politicians leave office. It is only in Nigeria that while votes are being counted a winner is declared with picture that shows final results. That is like saying Thursday comes before Tuesday in a given week. It is a no brainer. It does not show any logical sense. The judges have no ignominy at all. No discreetness.

It is only in Nigeria that a corrupt politician from a particular tribe or state is charged to court for stealing from his/her people and the same people will be the ones telling you “leave our son/daughter alone”. “Tender justice with mercy”. What the hell?!!!!! This bloody idiot just stole your livelihood: prevented you from having good roads, hospitals, descent drinking water, food and turned you to subhuman species while his/her kids are gallivanting all over the world with your money. He/she is charged to court then you start accusing the government of selective prosecution. It doesn’t matter if it is your brother, your dad, your sister or cousin. The person has deprived you of your basic rights of livelyhood. Nigeria resources belong to everybody so he is not doing you any favour by stealing and depriving you of it. This is almost like victim self-blaming. This is where the victim starts thinking it is their fault and start feeling sorry for the bully or the person that has been mistreating them. You ask yourself “what the bleep is wrong here?” Nigerians have been psychologically abused so long that we are feeling sorry for the abusers and bullies. What a shame.

This makes you wonder why the senate president planned that “coup”. I believe they knew there was going to be a real change whereby the president was going to select new fearless judges and a set of courts that will be dealing exclusively with corruption. If there are pictures or evidences to show piles of money in somebody’s house and they can not account for it, that should be a slam dunk case. The Whole world has seen on internet different piles of money at homes of corrupt politicians. This people are still walking around free. They are invited by EFCC a couple of times and at the end of the day nothing comes out of it and everybody forgets the case. Do you have to be a rocket scientist to figure what is going on? The judges are the problem.!!! Remember when the former governor of delta state was accused in a Nigerian court when the judge stated that he had convicted him years back? All of a sudden the same judge had selective amnesia at the next court session!!! Sheg√©√©! What a joke?

The next thing they want to do now is let the senate president get away with his dribbling. Bringing 40-50 senators to the court session is nothing but a game. People should know that by now. That’s what they all do. The funny thing about that is people want to praise these actions while they are making a fool of everybody.

This is where we need to help the president. Right thinking and conscientious people need to go to the court house and have peaceful demonstration against this people. If there are 50 of the senators, let there be 2000 people to counter them. If the whole senate goes with him during the next hearing, let there be 4000 plus people to counter. This is the only way we can help the president fight this gang of thieves. They don’t care about the people. You wonder how you have all these evidences against them with billions stolen but the stupid judges will be putting people that stole pieces of fish in jail. Nigerians need to wake up. The youths need to wake up from their slumber. All the fathers of the independence were in their late 20′s and early 30′s. Chief Awolowo,Sadauna of sokoto, Azikiwe,,obasanjo, Gowon and the rest of them were in their 30′s making decisions that affected the nation. Wake up youths, wake up. Whenever these rogues go to public places people need to let them know Nigerians are not fritters.

You want to help the president? Then demonstrate it by letting the enemies of progress know that it is a new dawn. Let the bad justices that are always abating with the corrupt politicians know that we support the president in fighting this menace called corruption. We will do anything to put corruption in the coffin. Let the drivers, the cooks and maids of these corrupt elements know that enough is enough. Even the security details need to start asking themselves if they are where they want to be or is the country where it is supposed to be. No matter what amount of money they pay you, their corrupt action is depriving the country from progressing. These politicians are cowards. By the time you continue to demonstrate like what happened in ilorin, they will run away. It is them against the citizens that voted for president Buhari. Can Nigerians do it? Can the youths demand for their rights? They may do it for a few days and go back to their shells, leaving things as status quo. They forget that change and freedom are not easy to achieve without a long battle. The students in South Africa recently demanded until the president listened to them and met their demands. This is what happens anywhere in the world where the people want real change. We know who the enemies are and what they do. So help the president by demanding justice for him. He can not do it by himself.

As for former petroleum minister, she needs to go to oshika, okogbe, Akala-Olu in ahaoda west local government area of Rivers State. This area plus all others in the Niger delta are destroyed due to corrupt actions of people that allow environmental polluters from being held accountable for their actions. She claims to have breast cancer. What does she want people that have neurofibromas, solid cutaneous tumors, people with topical ulcer, children with single brains (holoprosancephally), children with abnormally large distance between the eyes(hypertalorism) do? They don’t live long. Niger delta area where the fish smells of kerosine and the Eba turns black. What does she want those people to say? Who is going to pray for them? She has a new minister trying to spin the situation and make her look good. Did he think Nigerians are stupid? The president should beware of that minister because we don’t think he can be trusted. The positions she held were not the issue. What she did not do with her position was the problem and how she not only wasted money while her people are dying but embezzled money and deprived them of good life. Was she praying for this people? She can go back and forth to consult with the best physicians any where in the world with Nigerian money. But who is going to take care of the illnesses of this people in the Niger delta that are dying like chickens? For the next 50 years the cancer rate will continue to increase.

She forgot her own people. Now she wants people to pray for her.She is lucky to have just breast cancer and means to treat herself. But there are people who live with worse and more aggressive types of cancer that resulted from her corrupt actions and inactions about the crude oil pollution. This people can not afford to eat, not to talk about treating their cancer. A lot of people think she can have cervical cancer for all they care. The person that needs help and prayer right now is the president and the people can do it by taking the country back. Do we need to resurrect Tunde Idiagbon to come deal with these corrupt politicians and all their cohorts?

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